Coaches: Simplify Your Content and Become a Recognized Leader

We help coaches create an entire month of content in just 1 hour a week using the 1-Hour Podcast Method™


Content Creation

Transform your weekly podcast into infinite content! Captivating video clips, quotes, YouTube videos, and engaging posts.

Personal Branding

It’s your face, your voice, and your ideas, everywhere, all the time. It’s time to step into the spotlight.


Interview highly-respected contacts in your network, boost your credibility, land new clients


You are presented as THE expert, captivating your listeners with hours of insightful concepts.

Coaches, We Get it… Creating Great Content is a PAIN

We listened to the coaching industry’s #1 complaint: the constant struggle to create powerful and engaging content, despite knowing its importance. That’s why we created the 1-Hour Podcast Method. Our approach, created specifically for coaches, solves your content creation challenge while propelling you to become an industry leaders, expand your network, and land new clients.

We Practice What We Preach - And It Works.

Our podcast, Oh My Pod, has already directly generated:

  • $15k in revenue
  • Created 200+ pieces of content for social media
  • Allowed us to connect with 9 renowned CEOs and coaches

All in just 14 episodes. Our method pays for itself and allows you to have a ton of fun along the way…

As a small company, Podigy provides personalized attention to each client, working closely with them to understand their unique needs and goals.

Highlights from Recent Episodes we Produced

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