About Podigy

Get to know the Podigy crew, and what we are all about.

Why Choose Podigy?


From equipment to promotion, we are podcasting industry experts who know exactly what coaches like you need.


Take the burden of content creation off your of your back and keep your mind clear. We will take care of all the heavy lifting for you.

Attention To Detail

We uncover the "Why" behind your business and tailor our service specifically to your unique needs and desires.

Who Is Behind Podigy?

As an enthusiastic sound engineer and a successful music producer, Justin started Podigy with the intention of only producing audio. However, he quickly recognized that podcasting had the potential to serve as a central component of a coaches content creation strategy across all platforms, extending beyond just the audio format.

Our Team has developed an innovative system by combining human-talent and cutting-edge A.I. tools to create the best service on the market for coaches who want to become industry leaders through podcasting. By streamlining the podcasting process and providing efficient solutions, we enable our clients to concentrate on their core business operations and achieve their goals more effectively and efficiently (while having a ton of fun along the way).

The Podigy Team



Hi, I’m Justin and I own Podigy. I’m an Internationally recognized singer/songwriter with 25+ million streams & songwriting credits in KPOP and EDM. I’m also a music-influencer with 300 thousand followers across social media and an estimated 1 billion views on my videos.



Hi I’m Celine, Podigy’s project manager! I love working for Podigy because it helps provide a platform for unique voices and ideas, which I think is so important. I have a bachelor degree in Kinesiology and spent several years teaching elementary and middle school in my home country of Italy.


Audio Engineer

Hi I’m Micah, Podigy’s mixing/editing engineer. I have over 12 years of experience in the audio world from writing, recording, and producing my own music to working alongside multiplatinum audio engineers. My attention to detail and diligent work ethic acts as a refinery for every one of our clients’ podcasts.

Aidan Sybrandy

Audio Engineer

Hi I’m Aidan, an audio engineer at Podigy. With a strong foundation in music, my expertise lies in audio mixing. Compared to the intricate process of mixing music, editing podcasts feels effortless and delightful. I find great joy in simplifying and perfecting podcast audio for an enjoyable listening experience.


Graphic Designer

Hi I’m Rebecca, Podigy’s graphic designer! I studied design throughout high school and college and I’m now working towards a degree in Design at Emily Carr University. My goal with creating graphic content is to make sure it not only looks great but also communicates how brands want to express themselves.



Hi I’m Emily, half of Podigy’s copywriting team! I own my own business called Awesome Virtual Assistance company, and have worked as a professional copywriter since 2019! I’ve had a knack for making words flow since I was a child, and I am so stoked to now be working behind the scenes of the podcast world!



Hi I’m Renee and I am the other half of our Copywriting team here at Podigy. I’m admittedly a bit of a podcast junkie, so I fit perfectly here at Podigy. I do all of our show notes, create catchy titles, and works my magic with keywords to help our clients’ podcasts be found easily.
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