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What Is The BEST AI Tool For Podcasters?

Welcome back to another blog post, inspired by the latest episode of our podcast, “Oh My Pod,” where our very own Justin and Celine sat …

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How Justin and Celine are Transforming Podcasting with Podigy Podcasts

In the bustling world of podcasting, many companies promise innovation, but few deliver like Podigy Podcasts. The dynamic duo of Justin and Celine, the founder …

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10 Valuable Networking Lessons from “The Guy Who Knows A Guy”

Have you ever thought about the secret behind successful people? In this exciting episode of “Oh My Pod,” Justin and Celine had the pleasure of …

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How to Get Your Podcast into Apple’s New and Noteworthy

Hey there, you podcasting superstar! Are you looking to give your podcast that extra boost, to make it the talk of the town? Then you’ve …

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Why Aiming for 500% Growth is Better Than Aiming For 40%

Passionate about pursuing your purpose and aligning your business with your values? 🌍🔥 This episode is for you! Learn from our guest, Alexander Om, about …

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11 Common Podcasting Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Ever been caught in the whirlwind of podcasting and wondered why it isn’t turning out as expected? We’ve all been there, right? Join us, Justin …

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