Oh My Pod | How Podigy Made $15,000 in 13 episodes with It’s Podcast “Oh My Pod”

I started Podigy as an audio-only focused company. However, I quickly recognized that podcasting had the potential to serve as a central component of an individual’s content creation strategy across all platforms, extending beyond just the audio format. 

Running Podigy turned into quite the juggling act, with so many things to handle. It became a real challenge to keep up with the constant demand for content that showcased what our business was all about and who we catered to. I had to crank out loads of content all the time to make sure our message was loud and clear.

And I was overwhelmed. Actually, overwhelmed is an understatement – I was totally and completely burnt out.

I was:

  1. Wasting 12+ hours/week creating content
  2. Spending thousands on social media management agencies
  3. Struggling to build my network and make real connections
  4. Cold DMing and getting no replies
  5. Doing everything myself

Unitl I figured it out. 

It was time for Podigy to start its own podcast… about podcasting. 

What we started with: 

  1. Very little online presence
  2. No personal brand
  3. No existing audience
  4. No email list or blog
  5. Few industry connections

Our results: 

  • $15,000 Revenue generated
    • During one of our episodes, we had the pleasure of hosting a guest who happened to be a podcaster themselves. As the conversation unfolded, it became apparent that they were not entirely content with their current podcast. Interestingly enough, this guest unexpectedly transformed into a client of Podigy. Throughout the episode, a strong connection was established, and by the end, they placed their trust in us, leading them to choose to work with our team.
  • 200+ Pieces of content created
    • Months of content generated just from our weekly interviews.
  • 70+ Hours saved for our business
  • 4 interviews with CEO’s of large companies within our industry
  • 2 interviews with Co-creators of world famous podcast “Culpable” with 40+ million downloads
  • 2 interviews with renowned coaches & podcasters Marc Mawhinney and Lance Essihos
  • 1 Partnership with the largest podcast production agency on the market Quill Inc.

How did we achieve this? It was actually really easy. 

  • We made a plan for our podcast and established our niche. 
  • We tapped into our personal network and sought recommendations from some connections to find great guests for our show.
  • On the first day of each month, we would record four 45-60 minute interviews – effectively spending 1 hour per week on recording. 
  • We then outsourced the production of the podcast to our company, Podigy. 

Podigy produced the entire show and turned our weekly episodes into:

  • 30+ posts for social media
  • 4 Youtube videos
  • 4 Linkedin articles
  • 4 podcasts, obviously. 

No more sitting around formulating what kind of content to post for the month. Our podcast took care of it all. 

Speaking from my own experience, the podcast felt like a breath of fresh air, a clear sky after enduring months of clouds. It alleviated a tremendous burden from my shoulders, liberating my mind to focus on the essential tasks that demand my attention.

Listen to the podcast: https://cms.megaphone.fm/channel/YOGPP6997683247

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