The 5 Most Crucial Metrics for Measuring Podcast Success

On this week’s episode of “Oh My Pod,” we have a special guest, Fatima Zaidi, founder and CEO of Quill Inc. 

Fatima is the Founder and CEO at Quill Inc., an award-winning production agency specializing in corporate audio, and CoHost, a podcast growth and analytics tool. 

Fatima is also Co-Chair of the #Tech4SickKids council for SickKids Hospital which is the second-largest pediatric research hospital in the world. She’s on track to raise 25 million dollars to build a new emergency wing of the hospital, as well as fund some of the world’s biggest data and AI projects. She is an amazing entrepreneur and an inspiration for women everywhere!

Quill is an industry-leading podcast production agency, Quill has established a reputation for working with some of the largest brands in North America, reaching a global audience with captivating and results-oriented podcasts. What sets Quill apart is their exclusive focus on Fortune 100 companies, making their services all the more impressive.

If you’re a podcaster looking to elevate your show, you won’t want to miss this insightful interview! Fatima dives deep into the world of podcast analytics and why measuring engagement, demographic data, and B2B analytics is crucial for success.

Look no further than these five key metrics suggested by podcasting expert Fatima Zaidi.

Let’s dive right in! 

To provide you with valuable insights, Fatima shares Five Key Metrics that every podcaster should consider:

  1. The Consumption Rate. This metric measures how many listeners are completing an entire episode, and anything above a 60% average consumption rate is considered good. 
  1. Demographic data. It’s important to ensure that your podcast is reaching the right audience, and co-host, the hosting and analytics platform created by Zaidi’s company, Quill Inc, is the only provider that shows age, gender, household income, and occupation for all platforms.
  1. B2B Analytics. This metric shows which companies are listening to your podcast, allowing you to export this data and connect it to your CRM tool for outreach. 
  1. ROI. This is the ultimate measure of success, and it’s important to track how your podcast is contributing to your overall goals and revenue.
  1. Engagement. This metric measures how engaged your listeners are with your content, whether through social media interactions, email sign-ups, or other forms of engagement.

Here are some intriguing metrics from the Q1 Podcasting Report: 

  • There are currently 464.7 million podcast listeners globally. 
  • The podcast industry market is valued at an impressive $23.56 billion
  • A staggering 53% of Americans aged 12-54 have listened to a podcast in the past month.

By tracking these metrics, you can get a better understanding of how your podcast is performing and make informed decisions to accelerate growth. As Zaidi emphasizes, taking podcasting seriously means having quantifiable KPIs for measuring success. So, start tracking these metrics today and take your podcast to the next level!

One of the key takeaways from this episode is the significance of building trust with your listeners and tailoring your content to specific target audiences. Fatima stresses that these metrics are vital for treating podcasting as a serious endeavor and accelerating growth.

To wrap everything up, I want to leave you with this quote from Fatima: “Podcasting is a powerful tool for building trust with your audience. By providing valuable content and engaging with your listeners, you can create a loyal following that will help you grow your brand.”If you want to learn more about podcast analytics and how to grow your podcast, make sure to listen to the full episode.

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