What Is The BEST AI Tool For Podcasters?

Welcome back to another blog post, inspired by the latest episode of our podcast, “Oh My Pod,” where our very own Justin and Celine sat down with podcasting savant Nick Nalbach. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming an essential tool for content creators. Podcasters, in particular, are finding AI to be a game-changer in their field. But with so many AI tools on the market, which one is truly the best for podcasters? If you’re excited about automating workflows or unlocking creative capabilities, this is a discussion you won’t want to miss.

Meet the Expert: Nick Nalbach

First, let’s give some context to our guest, Nick Nalbach. He’s not only a seasoned podcaster and a podcast coach but also a leader in leveraging AI technology for content creation. He’s the host of the Nine-Five Podcast and co-founder of NextGen Podcaster, a community designed to help creators harness the power of AI. Nick understands the unique challenges and opportunities that podcasters face today.

What’s On The Agenda?

In this detailed conversation, we tackled several topics, here are some highlights:

  • The mission of NextGen Podcaster and the rising power of podcasting as a content creation platform.
  • Why high-profile individuals are choosing to invest their time in podcasting?
  • An in-depth look into how AI tools like ChatGPT, Podsqueeze, Capsho, Dubb Media, Opus Clip, and SummarAize can benefit podcasters.

So, let’s dive into these incredible insights, shall we?

The Revolution of AI in Podcasting: Next Gen Podcaster

Nick Nalbach co-founded NextGen Podcaster with Marc Ronick with a singular mission: to help creators streamline their work and unlock new creative potential. The focus here is AI tools like ChatGPT are not just buzzwords in the tech ecosystem; they are game-changers for podcasters. They simplify labor-intensive tasks like generating show notes or even converting YouTube videos into comprehensive blog posts.

Why high-profile individuals are choosing to invest their time in podcasting?

It’s no longer just a casual platform; high-profile individuals like Paul Saladino, Dan Martell, and many others are devoting their valuable time to be on podcasts. The medium has evolved to a point where even people whose time is worth a substantial amount are finding it beneficial to participate. This raises an interesting question: why are these high-value guests investing their time in podcasts?

These high-value guests aren’t just appearing on any podcast; they’re selecting shows with significant followings and impact, such as Joe Rogan’s podcast and Jordan Peterson’s podcast, among others. High-profile individuals are finding value in appearing on podcasts, mainly because it offer a platform to reach a trusted and engaged audience.

AI’s Role in Podcasting

The focus of the episode soon shifts to AI technology and its application in podcasting. As Justin, Celine, and Nick discuss, these tools can simplify various tasks for podcasters, from generating show notes to turning YouTube videos into blog posts and even sparking new podcast ideas.

What About ChatGPT, Podsqueeze, Capsho, and others?

The conversation wouldn’t be complete without mentioning other emerging AI tools in the podcasting space:


If you’re looking for an AI tool that provides a wide range of customization options, ChatGPT is a must-consider. As we discussed in the episode, ChatGPT allows you to “continue the conversation,” letting you steer the AI to produce the output you desire.

What sets ChatGPT apart is its flexibility; it allows creators to continue the conversation and customize the output to fit their unique requirements.


Podsqueeze leverages artificial intelligence to create transcriptions from podcast episodes, enabling these transcripts to be transformed into multiple useful assets such as detailed show notes, time markers, and content for social media.

The tool goes above and beyond by identifying noteworthy quotes, extracting relevant keywords, and offering title recommendations. This functionality has proven to be exceptionally beneficial for podcasters, freeing them up to concentrate on content creation and audience engagement


The World’s First AI-Powered Podcast Copywriter. It is known for its automatic transcription services and clip creation, making it easier to repurpose your podcast content.

Capsho takes your podcast episode audio file and turns it into an episode title, episode description, show notes, social media captions, promotional email and a full transcript.  

Dubb Media

Dubb Media is a game-changer. Leveraging the prowess of GPT-3 and Stable Diffusion technologies. It is an automated, easy-to-use assistant that generates marketing content for your podcast. Dubb turns your podcast episodes into show notes, social media posts, newsletter content, transcripts, and more.

With Dubb Media, the tedious task of manually creating promotional content becomes a thing of the past, allowing you to focus on what matters most: creating compelling podcast episodes and growing your audience.

Opus Clip

If you’ve ever struggled with converting your extensive video content into digestible, shareable pieces, Opus Clip could be your game-changer. This revolutionary tool leverages generative AI technology to turn your lengthy videos into short, viral-worthy clips in 1 click

Imagine being able to effortlessly repurpose hours of content into engaging snippets that resonate with your audience. With Opus Clip, that’s not just a dream; it’s a reality. This AI-driven solution offers an innovative approach to video editing, making content creation more efficient and impactful than ever before.


SummarAIze is an AI-powered tool that takes extensive pieces of content and condenses them into manageable, concise summaries. Whether you’re dealing with long articles, podcast episodes, or videos, SummarAIze can help you extract the key points in a matter of seconds. This is invaluable for content creators who want to maintain a consistent output while also keeping an eye on quality.


Resound exists to eliminate the stress associated with podcast editing. Using AI technology, it automates various editing tasks such as removing filler words, enhancing audio quality, and even mixing background music. The aim is simple: to enable podcasters to devote more time to content creation rather than getting bogged down by editing.


Runway stands at the intersection of technology and human creativity. With its AI-driven tools, you can generate videos using text, images, or clips, create eye-catching visuals with simple text prompts, and even alter the style and composition of existing images.

So, What’s The Best AI Tool for Podcasters?

As Justin, Celine, and Nick conclude, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer. The best AI tool for your podcasting needs will depend on your specific requirements—whether it’s content generation, editing, or audience engagement.

Still, as the world of podcasting continues to grow, leveraging the right AI tools will undoubtedly make the journey easier and more rewarding.

For a deeper dive into this topic, don’t forget to check out the full episode of “Oh My Pod,” where these industry experts discuss the nitty-gritty of AI in podcasting. After all, in a landscape that’s ever-evolving, staying updated is the key to success.

Watch the full episode here ⬇️

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